With HeyApril you can...

Spend less time in the client accounting & tax trenches and more time building your practice.

We’ve been there. 

HeyApril is the first mission-driven, people-first, ethical outsourcing company -- for accountants, by accountants.

Our purpose is to invest in the future growth of your team, our team, and our local communities. We do this by...

  • Developing and empowering our team members

  • Caring deeply about quality and preserving our clients' reputation

  • Giving back and alleviating poverty in our community

Making your busy seasons a little less painful.

We’re more than a simple outsourcing solution. We work with your practice year-round to proactively plan for your busiest seasons. Instead of leaving you to fend for yourself in the sourcing, hiring, and management of your team, we work for you in a proactive manner.

By looking at the big picture and staying actively involved, we’re able to provide insights and advice based on your financials, client makeup and trends as well as changes to US tax laws. All that is to say, we make sure there are no surprises come busy season.

We do more

We do more with less by giving small practices the support larger firms are accustomed to because we replaced the traditional CPA firm with our proprietary world-class process and talent that fits the 21st-century digital office.

Real stories from implementing our model with US clients...

"Before HeyApril we were at a large start-up accounting firm and were very frustrated by the insanely high prices and the blanket approach to services. We found HeyApril and immediately liked their hands-on approach, tailored services, and responsiveness.

"We’ve now been with them for almost two years. They have kept us organized, streamlined, and given us a clear picture of our business. I can definitely recommend them!"

Breanne Harrison-Pollock

Co founder, ATEYO

HeyApril was an integral part of Float Shuttle’s M&A of Ravn Air Group (Alaska’s largest rural air carrier). HeyApril implemented the corporate accounting infrastructure and on-boarded over 300 employees in under 3 months, saving the Company millions in payroll tax relief in record-time.

When a former Shark Tank venture came to HeyApril for tax advice, they expected to see some tax savings. What they didn’t expect, however, was to save over $109,000! We worked with them to understand their options and walked them through the processes of maximizing their PPP tax credits, cleaning up their books and following more accurate depreciation schedules. 5 hours and $109,000 in savings later, we shared a virtual “cheers” to celebrate our partnership.

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